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You can count on ESSI Store Fixtures to deliver all types of store shelving, store displays, wire racks, back room storage shelving, and warehouse storage racks.

Gondola Shelving Parts

Available for Lozier and Madix shelving in stock, Beige and Black with some Lozier Silver.

We stock all Gondola Shelving Parts including but not limited to Uprights, Base Shoes, Back Boards, Spanners, Upper Shelves, Base Shelves, and Trim Pieces.

Liquor Store Shelving

Available for any Liquor Store application with heights up to 120 inches. In-stock.

Convenience Store Shelving

A typical Convenience Store will configure one to three double sided gondola shelving aisles in the middle of the store. Sizes are usually 54 inches high with a sixteen inch base, and either fourteen inch upper shelves or sixteen inch upper shelves.



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